Companion Animals

Companion Animals

The Companion Animals Act 1998 was introduced in NSW on 1 July 1999 to protect pets, people and the wider community. Ownership of companion animals, while pleasurable, also brings with it a number of legal requirements and responsibilities to ensure the health and welfare of the animal, carers and neighbours.

Visit the Dogs page for information about keeping dogs as companions.
Visit the Cats page for information about keeping cats as companions.
Visit the Casino Pound page to find a lost pet or see pets looking for adoption.

  • How to Adopt a Dog or Cat

    How to Adopt a Dog or Cat

    Make an appointment to view animals with a Council ranger on (02) 6660 0300. At your appointment the ranger will discuss the animal's temperament as witnessed while in Council care and the health as assessed by the ranger and a local veterinarian if...

  • Animals available for adoption

    Animals available for adoption

    About the Pound The Casino Pound is renowned statewide for excellence in care and re-housing of lost and abandoned dogs and cats. It is the diligence of Richmond Valley Council rangers which sees every attempt made to re-home animals who have a friendly...

  • Companion Animal Forms

    Companion Animal Forms

    As a responsible owner you are required to keep your animals details up-to-date. Change of address and/or change of owner forms must be completed and lodged with council. Please visit this area of the website to complete your forms.

  • Companion Animal Management Plan

    Companion Animal Management Plan

    Companion animal ownership is a significant community interest involving the majority of the population. While pet ownership creates many social benefits and is positive in terms of companionship and human health, good companion animal management is a...

  • Rehomed Success Stories

    Rehomed Success Stories

    Through the efforts of rangers, many homes are found for the animals that come into the care of the pound. Animals who have been rehomed within the last three months will be displayed on this page. These are some of the luckiest animals alive!

  • Responsible Cat Ownership

    Responsible Cat Ownership

    There are a number of steps you need to take as a responsible cat owner as required by the Companion Animals Act (1998). Microchip your cat at your preferred veterinarian Register your cat with Council Keep your cat identifiable Keep your cat away from...

  • Responsible Dog Ownership

    Responsible Dog Ownership

    There are a number of steps you need to take as a responsible dog owner as required by the Companion Animals Act (1998). We have provided informative links below to answer your questions. For further information about being a responsible dog owner, view...

  • Off leash areas

    Off leash areas

    Richmond Valley Council Dog Exercise Areas & Prohibited Areas Richmond Valley Council Offers many areas for companion animal owners to give their animal the exercise they wish to. It includes places like: Casino Queen Elizibeth Park near the river...