Animals available for adoption

Animals available for adoption

About the Shelter

The Casino Shelter is renowned statewide for excellence in care and re-housing of lost and abandoned dogs and cats. It is the diligence of the Companion Animals Education Officer which sees every attempt made to re-home animals who have a friendly nature and disposition suitable to settling into a good home.

If you think you can give a dog or cat the care it needs and would like to make a happy addition to your family, make an appointment to view available animals with the Companion Animals Education Officer on (02) 6660 0300.

Animals available for adoption

To view the lucky cats and dogs who have found new homes, visit the Rehomed Success Stories page.

Casino Shelter sometimes gets too full and at those times, the Companion Animals Education Officer arranges for longer-staying cats and dogs to find care with volunteer animal care associations in the Northern Rivers and south-east Queensland.  Please check with the organisations listed for available animals.

Rescue Group Contacts:

Animal Rights and Rescue  -
Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc  -
Companion Animals Welfare Inc  -
Animal Rescue Coffs Harbour  -
Golden Oldies Animal Services (Ballina)  -
Northern Rivers Animal Services (Ballina)  -
SLK Cattle Dog Rescue  -
Furkids (Qld)  -
Wally's Doggie/Moggie Rescue Northern Branch  -