Waste Collection Services, Recycling and Landfill

**Upgrade of our three-bin service**

We are upgrading our three-bin household waste collection system for existing domestic waste customers as part of our Recycle More initiative, essential to reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. Click on the image to find out more.





What are the changes to our three-bin household waste system?

The green bin will be for food and garden waste. Householders should put their food and garden waste into the green-lidded organics bin.

The new service will start:

Monday 13 June Casino and surrounds

Monday 20 June Evans Head, Coraki, Broadwater, Rileys Hill and surrounds

From the commencement dates above, the bins will be collected as follows:

WEEKLY collection of 240L green-lidded organics bin (garden and food waste)
FORTNIGHTLY collection of 240L yellow-lidded recycling bin
FORTNIGHTLY collection of 240L red-lidded rubbish bin











Why are these changes happening?

We need to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill - it's as simple as that. Keeping food waste out of landfill is one of the easiest things we can do to help the environment.

Currently 35 percent of what goes into our red-lidded rubbish bins is food waste, also known as food organics, which is being disposed of in landfill. With the cost of landfill increasing each year, there are significant savings for Council in recycling food organics into compost instead of burying it in landfill.

The new service will recover around 2500 tonnes of food and garden organics each year for processing into certified organic compost at the Lismore Recycling and Resource Recovery Centre. This compost can then be used by our farmers to grow the food we eat.

As well as economic benefits, there are also environmental benefits, such as a significant reduction in methane gas – a gas 20 times worse than carbon dioxide.

Download Fact sheet here

Recycling more benefits our local community, as well as being better for our environment.

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