Food and Garden Organics Collection

Food and Garden Organics Collection

Richmond Valley Council is committed to recycling more and sending less valuable resources to landfill. One of the easiest ways we can do this is by recycling food and garden organics. The new weekly organics service will collect these resources and take them to the Lismore Recycling and Recovery Centre where they will be turned into certified organic compost.

Your weekly green organics bin collection commences:

13th June 2016: Casino and surrounds

20th June 2016: Mid Richmond including Coraki, Woodburn, Riley's Hill, Broadwater, Evans Head and surrounds.

For information on which bin to present from these dates, please refer to the collection calendars.

What goes in my Green Bin?

Also acceptable are

  • teabags, coffee grounds
  • cooked and canned foods
  • tissues and paper towels
  • soiled cardboard (eg. pizza boxes) and shredded paper. 

You can continue to put in garden waste such as prunings, grass clippings, sticks, weeds and flowers. Pet droppings in the Council approved compostable bags are allowed, but kitty litter is not. Also, you cannot include things like ordinary plastic bags, any kind of disposable nappies, treated or laminated timber or old clothing. These need to go in your fortnightly rubbish bin.

Your Kitchen Caddy: Easy Sorting in the Kitchen

Each household will receive a free kitchen caddy and roll of compostable bin liners. The kitchen caddy can be placed on your benchtop or next to where you current household sorting system is. For ideas and to work out what might work best for your family, see

The Council supplied compostable bin liners can be used, or simply wrap your food scraps in newspaper. The caddy is dishwasher proof so you can also place food scraps directly into it without using a liner.

Step 1: Line your kitchen caddy with the compostable liner, newspaper or no need to line it at all.

Step 2: Place food scraps, leftovers into your kitchen caddy

Step 3: Once full, tie up the compostable bag and place contents directly into the green bin

Food or garden scraps placed inside plastic bags and into the green bin are NOT ACCEPTABLE.

 If you have placed your food scraps in a plastic bag, rather than the Council supplied green compostable bags, Council will not be able to collect your green bin. The food will need to be emptied and the plastic removed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the green bin service?

When green waste is buried in landfill, it decomposes without oxygen which in turn produces methane, a gas with a global warming potential 21 times more than carbon dioxide. With the usage of Council's garden waste service, it is anticipated that a further 3,000 tonnes of resources will be saved from being buried in landfill each year. 

When do I put my new Food and Garden Organics  bin out for collection?

Your new Food and Garden Organics bin goes out weekly on your usual collection day. Your rubbish (red-lid) bin will reduce to a fortnightly collection on alternate weeks to your recycling (yellow-lid) bin. 

What happens to the Food and Garden Organics ?

Once collected by the dedicated green waste service, materials are sent to Lismore Recycling and Recovery Centre where it is composted and turned into garden products including mulch and compost.

Food and Garden Organics Information

Contact Customer Service on (02) 6660 0300 for information and guidance on recycling and waste collection for residents and businesses.