Managing Household Asbestos

Managing Household Asbestos

Richmond Valley Council is committed to helping the community in the safe disposal of Asbestos for further information on Disposal or Testing of Asbestos see links below:

  • Householders' Asbestos Disposal Scheme

    Householders' Asbestos Disposal Scheme

    Householders disposing of less than 10 square metres are able to take advantage of a Householder Asbestos Kit partially subsidised by Council, which includes all safety gear, disposal bags, and instructions for how to remove asbestos safely in your home....

  • Testing for Household Asbestos

    Testing for Household Asbestos

    Richmond Valley Council is assisting households undertaking renovations by making available a free service to householders to determine whether materials in their home contain asbestos. Residents can obtain a free sampling kit that allows samples to be...