Three regular waste collections

Three regular waste collections

**Upgrade of our 3 Bin service**
  • WEEKLY collection of 240L food and garden organics bin - Green Lid
  • FORTNIGHTLY collection of 240L yellow recycling bin - Yellow Lid
  • FORTNIGHTLY collection of 240L - Red Lid

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Since the introduction of its recycling and garden waste services, Council has been committed to recycling more. There are huge benefits to the community:

  • It costs more money to bury waste in landfill than to recycle it. State government taxes (called the waste levy) are paid by Council on the amount of waste buried in landfill. The financial costs will increase each year, so it makes sense to divert as many resources away from landfill as possible and recycle more
  • Recycling costs a lot less than landfilling, so ratepayers will benefit by recycling more;
  • Making products from recycled materials uses a fraction of the water and energy required  than to make new products from raw materials;
  • Less emissions
  • More jobs – the recycling industry is growing and more local jobs will be available in the future, as we look towards local solutions for dealing with our waste and recycling

With these things in mind, Council is looking at cost effective recycling solutions, and has introduced the Bag your Bags Campaign, as well as looking at better ways of dealing with our food waste.

For information and guidance on recycling and waste collection for residents and businesses, contact Customer Service on (02) 6660 0300.