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Search the Library Catalogue For information on how to search the library catalogue and other guides, download the documents listed at the bottom of this page.
Using your library membership number as user name and date of birth as password, download popular eBooks onto your device anywhere you are.
Using your library membership number, create an account and download eMagazines to read on your computer or mobile device.
eResources include your choice of online databases with expertise in a number of research areas such as health, law, literature and sciences.

Accessible from home with your library card number.
Britannica Library is more than an encyclopaedia. It contains comprehensive information in a variety of formats for all ages.

Interactive Online Computer and Technology Training Centre.
The World's Largest Online Technology Training Directory.

Your online Driver Education program contains the following state-specific information:
 - 3 car practice learner permit knowledge tests
 - 1 online driver's manual (2015)
 - FAQ section with 100+ questions related to getting your driver licence



Upper Clarence Regional Library eAudio is now servicing people who are interested in electronic books and magazines


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Other Services

The Library has always played a significant role in supporting the information, education, cultural and recreational needs of the local community. However contemporary libraries now operate in a vastly different environment, offering tutoring, electronic access and community information services. To see how you get more from your membership visit the Services page.

The Mobile Library Service brings library facilities to remote locations.
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Books are fun, educational and accessible with our variety of activities especially for kids.
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General Information

The library teams are busy working to find new ways to improve library services.
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Becoming a member of the library has great benefits and is easy.
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Internet access brings with it great pleasure and a certain degree of challenges and dangers.
Learn how to protect your children while harnessing this powerful tool on the Internet Guide page.

A number of policies affect how you can access and use the library’s services.
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  • Accessible from home with your library card number.
  • Unlimited and immediate access for library members
  • Beamafilms detects your download speed and provides access to the most suitable film resolution. This should mean no buffering

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