Parents Guide to the Internet

Parents Guide to the Internet

  1. Introduction
  2. What is the Internet?
  3. Control of the Internet
  4. The Internet - Another Resource
  5. Participating in Your Child's Internet Session
  6. Evaluating Your Information
  7. A Word of Caution
  8. Internet Registration Form for Under 14 Year Olds

1.  Introduction

The Richmond-Upper Clarence Regional Library want the Internet experiences that your children have to be positive ones.  This section is designed to give parents a brief introduction to the Internet and to highlight some of the factors we think you might like to be aware of so that you can ensure that the experiences your children have using the Internet are indeed positive ones.

2.  What is the Internet?

As a parent, it is important for you to understand the nature of the Internet as it relates to your children.

The Internet is a term used to describe the world wide collection of connected computers and computer networks.  This means information can be accessed from anywhere in the world, at any time.  The range of topics that the Internet covers is only limited by our imagination.

3.  Control of the Internet

The Internet is not allowed or governed by anyone or any organisation.  This means there are no restrictions or checks on the information accessible to Internet users,  It also means there are no control over who is connected to the Internet or who publishes information on it.

4.  The Internet - Another Resource

Richmond-Upper Clarence Regional Library provides a broad range of educational, cultural, recreational and informational resources.  These resources now include the Internet.  However, the library cannot control the type of information available on the Internet, and therefore cannot be held responsible for its content.  As with other Library materials, restriction of children's access to the Internet is therefore the responsibility of the parent.

As with any other environment, children can be exposed to offensive or inappropriate materials.  While your children are keen to get on the Internet, they may need parental supervision and advice to ensure their experiences are positive.

5.  Participating in Your Child's Internet Session

The Library cannot be held responsible for the choices children make regarding the resources they use to obtain information.  Parents are therefore advised to monitor the resources their children use.

Becoming familiar with the Internet resources your children are using is as easy as participating in their Internet sessions.  Ask them to show you how to get into the Internet, how to use it, and to show you what to do while connected.  This way, you can stay in touch with what they are doing.

6.  Evaluating Your Information

It can be difficult to find specific information on the Internet.  When you do find it, remember that not all sources of information on the Internet can be guaranteed as accurate, complete or timely.  Anyone can publish anything, so it is important to consider where information is coming from, who is writing it, when they did write it, what is their experience in this field.

As with print sources, we encourage you to encourage your children to evaluate the validity of information found on the Internet as they would the information they find in books.

7.  A Word of Caution

Children will be curious and anxious to explore the Internet.  It is paramount they be reminded that not everyone on the Internet is who they might say they are, or appear to be.

So please advise your children not to give out any identifying information over the Internet.  This includes their name, home address, and telephone number.

8.  Internet Registration Form for Under 14 Year Olds

As part of the conditions of use, children under the age of 14 years old are required to fill in a registration form prior to using the Internet.  Once completed, this form may be taken to the nearest Internet equipped branch of the Richmond-Upper Clarence Regional Library for use.

To see a copy of this form which may then be printed out and taken to the nearest Richmond-Upper Clarence Regional Library, download the following document.