Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange (Casino saleyards)

Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange (Casino saleyards)


NRLX users are advised all ramps and the truck wash will be locked from 12noon Friday 22 December, reopening 7am Monday 2 January. In the event of an emergency, please phone 0407 788 535. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange, commonly known as the Casino saleyards, is the regional selling facility for the Northern Rivers and provides business opportunities for the local industry weekly. Visitors are most welcome, and agents, sellers and associated users of the facility are encouraged to participate in some of the largest sales in the region.

NRLX Stage 2 Concept - Casino Saleyard Redevelopment

NRLX Stakeholder Newsletter

Welcome to the winter issue of our quarterly stakeholder newsletter! Our goal is to keep you informed on the NRLX facility, giving feedback on its performance, and also updates on the exciting new upgrades which are underway. Council is committed to improving communication channels with all its stakeholders. As part of this commitment two groups have been established:

  • NRLX Operations Group: Made up of the four Casino Auctioneers Association Incorporated (CAAI) agents - Ramsey & Bulmer, T & W McCormack, George & Fuhrman and Ian Weir & Sons, plus Council staff. The group meets bi- monthly to discuss NRLX operations.
  • NRLX Advisory Group: This is a newly-formed group, which gathered for the first time on Monday 14 November. This group consists of a variety of stakeholders with the focus of discussions being centred around the NRLX upgrades, along with feedback to help Council formulate a business plan for the facility. Members of the group include Matt McCormack, David O’Reilly, Angela Seccombe, John Dougherty, Jenny Handford, John Fitzhenry, Margaret Clark and John McPaul.

If you have any views on the future planning of the NRLX, please talk to any of these group members, or contact Council’s Projects Officer Brad Birney on 6660 0319, or at

Click on the image below to read more. Feedback most welcome!


Your support of the Casino saleyards is always appreciated - Please visit our website at  

  • Operational Review for the Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange

    Richmond Valley Council is calling for submissions for a full operational review of the Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange (NRLX). Earlier this year Council commenced the upgrade of the NRLX facility. Initially Council were investing $7 million into a...

  • NRLX Sale Dates

    NRLX Sale Dates

    For the best prices, send your cattle to the next NRLX sale! Your support of the Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange is appreciated. For further information visit The below calendar outlines sale dates, details of the sale,...

  • NRLX Sale Report - Wednesday 21 - Thursday 22 - Friday 23 March

    It was a big week last week, with 3 big sales and 6,613 head sold. 1,795 head were sold on Wednesday with prices back a little on the previous week. The average price across the sale was $760.76/head (248.8c/kg). Average weight for the sale was 306kg. The...

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  • Strategic Review Report

    Strategic Review Report

    In 2012, the Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange underwent a strategic review, allowing Council to formulate plans for the future of the facility. At the time the facility was known as the Casino Regional Livestock Exchange. The sections of the report are...