Our Communities

The Richmond Valley consists of many diverse and unique communities. Visit this section of the website for more information about our Aboriginal Community, Aged Community, Disabled Community, Migrant Community, Volunteer Community, Youth and Children Communities. 

  • Aboriginal Community

    Aboriginal Community

    The traditional owners of the land in Richmond Valley LGA are a part of the Bundjalung nation. Different areas have different clans. These people refer to themselves as Gooris (not Kooris), and to non-Aboriginal people as Gubbers (Government). In addition...

  • Ageing Community

    Ageing Community

    Although the Department of Local Government is quite specific that the definition of aged persons is 55+ years it was quite clear during consultations with the community that many people perceived the term "aged" to referred to persons who were...

  • Disabled Community

    Disabled Community

    Community Comments During consultation in the process of formulating social plans for Richmond Valley Council in 2006, a lot of people were particularly interested in the use of scooters by people with a disability and were concerned that this use is...

  • Migrant Community

    Migrant Community

    Statistical Information In comparison with other local government areas on the North Coast, the Richmond Valley LGA has a relatively small proportion of people from culturally diverse backgrounds (5.3%). Of those born overseas there are 382 residents who...

  • Volunteering in the Richmond Valley

    Volunteering in the Richmond Valley

    Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Richmond Valley as in other regional areas throughout Australia where volunteers make up 36% of the adult population (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2010). The benefits of volunteering are enormous, with locals not...

  • Youth & Children Community

    Youth & Children Community

    Statistical Information The largest proportion of children in Richmond Valley is in Coraki. This area also has a large Aboriginal population and much of the Aboriginal population is made up of children. Over 200 children are born in the Richmond Valley...