Backyard Burn Off Permits

Backyard Burn Off Permits

The Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation 2010 lists Richmond Valley Council in Schedule 8 of the regulation. This prohibits backyard burning in residential areas, including rural residential, across the local government area unless the prior approval of Council is obtained.

The regulation does not prohibit cooking or barbecuing in the open, or to light, maintain or use a fire for recreational purposes such as camping, picnicking, scouting or other similar outdoor activities, so long as only dry, seasoned wood is used and no accelerants are applied to start, stoke or encourage the fire. Liquid petroleum gas, natural gas or proprietary barbecue fuel systems may also be used for cooking or heating purposes.

To obtain a permit for backyard burning in residential areas, including rural residential, and on rural properties if burning for other than agricultural purposes, you may submit a written request to Council. A written request can be submitted to Council with attention to the Environmental Health Team via:

  • Post: Locked Bag 10, Casino NSW 2470
  • Email:
  • Hand delivered:-
    • Casino Administration Building, 10 Graham Place Casino. Office hours 8.30am-5pm, or
    • Evans Head Administration Office, Cnr Woodburn Street and School Lane Evans Head. Office hours 9am-5pm.

Your written request is to include, but not limited to, the location and date of burn, contents of the burn pile and your name and contact information. Please note that Council will only issue a permit for dry, seasoned vegetation in relatively small piles dependent upon the size of your property and proximity to neighbours and roadways.

Council will not issue an approval to burn such articles as household furniture, waste materials associated with the running of a business, plastics, household rubbish and articles stated in Clause 11 (6) of the regulation – stated below

Clause 11 (6) of the regulation prohibits the burning of the below articles

(6)  In this clause, prohibited article means any of the following:

(a)  tyres

(b)  coated wire

(c)  paint containers and residues

(d)  solvent containers and residues

(e)  timber treated with copper chromium arsenate (CCA) or pentachlorophenol (PCP)

The permit is for a one month burn period and it is Council’s expectation that this burn would happen within the month of the permit being issued. The permit is dependent upon approval from RFS or NSW Fire & Rescue and they will not allow the burn in periods of high fire danger.

Please note that you will need to contact either NSW Fire and Rescue or NSW Rural Fire Service depending on your property location to inform the correct authority of the burn along with applying for a permit from Council.

For further information, contact Council’s Environment and Regulatory Control team on 6660 0300.