Salty Lagoon Channel

Salty Lagoon Channel

An artificial channel appeared in the 1970's, believed to have been dug to aid duck hunter's entry into Salty Lagoon.

The ecosystem has been monitored by automatic dataloggers continuously at 15 minute intervals for water quality indicators since March 2007.

In June 2012, phase 1 of the construction project to close the artificial channel was finally completed. Phase 2 site revegatation followed begining in August 2012 allowing Bandjalang women to replant the area.  Since close there has been vast improvements in water quality and abundance of bird life.
The following pages broken down into project phases contain the documentation created throughout the project.
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  • Adaptive Management

    The adaptive management protocols were developed from the Salty Lagoon Rehabilitation Program as part of a strategy identified in the Environmental Incident Response Protocol (Hydrosphere Consulting, 2009; addendum GeoLINK, 2011) to ensure early detection...

  • Annual Reports

    The following section includes annual reports prepared as part of the Salty Lagoon monitoring program pre-post closure of the artificial channel (MPPC). The reports summarise results of the MPPC monitoring undertaken over the preceding 12 month period and...

  • Community Communication

    Developed as part of a strategy to ensure the public is kept informed of Council’s involvement with the Salty Lagoon Rehabilitation Program, the following communications include progress of Salty Lagoon’s Rehabilitation and notification of...

  • Health Report Cards

    The following health report cards were developed for the community as part of the Salty Lagoon Ecosystem Recovery Monitoring Program: Pre-Post Closure of Artificial Channel (MPPC) (Hydrosphere Consulting 2010) to provide scientific data and observations...

  • Monthly Reports

    The Salty Lagoon Ecosystem Recovery Monitoring Program: Pre – Post Closure of Artificial Channel Report (MPPC) (Hydrosphere Consulting 2010) identified the need to provide scientific data and observations as Project Management and Ecosystem Health...

  • Other Reports

    This section provides the scientific reports undertaken that give background information plus yearly reports of the overall health and rehabilitation of Salty Lagoon.

  • Post Channel Closure Bimonthly Reports

    Based on results from the Pre/Post Channel Closure Monitoring Program (MPPC) , the program has been extended for a following 5 years. The revised program is basically a duplication of the existing MPCC with reduced monitoring frequency and discontinuation...

  • Pre/Post Closure of the Artificial Channel - Final Evaluation Report

    The Salty Lagoon MPPC – Final Evaluation Report (2017), collaborates and analyses the results of the six year MPPC program undertaken between March 2011 and June 2017, upon completion of the trial closure of the artificial channel.

  • Protocols & Procedures

    The following protocols and procedures provide the plans for actions to ensure the success of Salty Lagoon's rehabilitation.

  • Public Exhibition 2011

    The following public exhibition documents where developed in conjunction with Hydrosphere Consulting and Ainsworth Heritage as part of the Salty Lagoon Rehabilitation Plan, Scope of Recommended Actions (Hydrosphere Consulting 2010). The documents detail...

  • Vegetation Monitoring Reports

    The following section includes reports of the vegetation mapping undertaken as part of the Salty Lagoon monitoring program pre-post closure of the artificial channel (MPPC). The focus for the vegetation component of the MPPC monitoring is identifying and...

  • Archived Reports