RVC targeting tossers to stop littering and keep community clean

Richmond Valley Council has ramped up its anti-littering campaign and will crack down on littering and encourage residents to register with the NSW EPA to report littering offences from vehicles. The community tells us that they don’t like littering or litterers. Research shows people are less likely to litter if they think someone is watching. The ‘Report to EPA’ service is part of a NSW State Government anti-littering program and aims to deter people from littering from vehicles by increasing the likelihood of being seen, reported and fined.

Council’s General Manager Vaughan Macdonald said the campaign sent a clear message that littering was unacceptable. Mr Macdonald said roadside litter was one of our region’s most unnecessary and preventable environmental problems. He said reporting littering from vehicles helped to raise awareness and change behaviour, as well as reduce clean-up costs and keeping the community clean. “By registering to report littering from vehicles, you are part of the solution to fixing the problem. Each year more than 25,000 tonnes of litter is tossed in NSW. It costs Council a considerable amount of money to clean up so we want people to stop littering so we can use those funds for other services.”

More than 19,000 people across NSW have registered with ‘Report to EPA’ to report littering from vehicles. More than 25,000 reports of littering from a vehicle have been made and around 16,000 fines have been issued by the EPA so far. 

Richmond Valley Council is a member of North East Waste, which is leading the anti-litter campaign throughout the Northern Rivers, where there are currently more than 450 people registered to report littering from vehicles. The aim of the campaign is to reduce roadside littering by further increasing the number of residents registered to report. If a report is made by an adult member of the public of someone littering from a vehicle, the NSW EPA can issue fines of $250 for an individual and $500 for a corporation.

Council and North East Waste encourage everyone to get on board this summer by registering to report littering from vehicles at www.epa.nsw.gov.au/reporttoepa