RVC welcomes funding to upgrade truck wash

Richmond Valley Council was successful under the Federal and State governments’ Fixing Country Truck Washes program to upgrade the existing facility at the Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange. The $358,076 grant will help increase truck throughput and accessibility. The current facility does not have a specific B-double wash bay, which increases the time taken for drivers to wash down their trucks. The project involves:

  • upgrading the current truck wash and enable 24-hour access to the amenities;
  • add an additional truck wash bay to facilitate B-Double trucks and trailers;
  • enable the new bay to have both recycled and town water wash options for either cabins or trailers;
  • install LED lighting;
  • new water meter; and
  • upgrade Avdata technology to improve measurement and invoicing. (Avdata provides billing, reporting, monitoring and access control services for a number of facilities across Australia, such as airports, truck washes, and water standpipes.)

The additional bay will decrease wait and wash times, allowing drivers more time transporting cattle. Twenty-four access to the amenities will also improve work conditions and increase drivers' health and well-being as they do not have to utilise offsite services on completion of the job. Other proposed improvements include:

  • replacing two light poles, and installing new pole to service the new bay;
  • supply three 500w LED floodlights and upgrade of overhead power network;
  • wash bay construction and concrete and bitumen seal works;
  • replace guardrail and install 10 heavy duty bollards;
  • connection to town water supply to provide option of recycled or town water;
  • extra Avdata port for new B-double wash bay;
  • tree removal and replacement program; and
  • amenities upgrade installation of access board from AVDATA to provide 24-7 access to truck wash users.