Development Proposals and Consents

On this page you will find current Development Proposals available for public comment and a list of the recent Development Consents issued by Council.


Development Consents

In accordance with the provisions of Section 101, notice is given that the undermentioned developments have been granted consent, or a complying development certificate.  Details of the application and a copy of the consent together with any conditions may be inspected without charge at Council's Customer Service Centres in Casino and Evans Head from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Consents as per Council's public notices advertisement, RREE 30 August 2017

Application ID Property Description Property Address Full Details Determined Determine Type
DA2017/0208 Lot 508 DP 755624 3 Ocean Street, EVANS HEAD  NSW  2473 Conversion of residence to dual occupancy, additional carport and strata subdivision 20/07/2017 Approved
DA2017/0218 Lot 1 DP 333058 98 Centre Street, CASINO  NSW  2470 Business identification signage (replace existing above awning sign with digital sign) 10/08/2017 Approved
DA2012/0189.01 Lot 3 DP 258447 20 Wirraway Avenue, EVANS HEAD  NSW  2473 Dwelling alterations/additions 21/07/2017 Approved
DA2017/0236 Lot 7 DP 1201423 17 Ivory Circuit, CASINO  NSW  2470 Dwelling 20/07/2017 Approved
DA2017/0237 Lot 4 Sec 1 DP 17178 112 Hotham Street, CASINO  NSW  2470 Demolition of existing Shed and construction of new shed 24/07/2017 Approved
DA2017/0240 Lot 1 DP 125573 & Lot A DP 373546 14 Cedar Street, WOODBURN  NSW  2472 Shed 15/08/2017 Approved
DA2017/0243 Lot 210 DP 789978 12-18 Country Lane, CASINO  NSW  2470 Shed 27/07/2017 Approved
DA2017/0245 Lot 21 DP 12626 89 North Street, CASINO  NSW  2470 Demolition of existing dwelling and shed 20/07/2017 Approved
DA2017/0246 Lot 34 DP 31850 21-25 Hickey Street, CASINO  NSW  2470 Resited dwelling 24/07/2017 Approved
DA2017/0247 Lot 33 DP 31850 21-25 Hickey Street, CASINO  NSW  2470 Resited dwelling 24/07/2017 Approved
DA2017/0248 Lot 32 DP 31850 21-25 Hickey Street, CASINO  NSW  2470 Resited dwelling 24/07/2017 Approved
DA2017/0249 Lot 112 DP 1045072 61 Banksia Street, EVANS HEAD  NSW  2473 Fibreglass pool & spa 2/08/2017 Approved
DA2017/0251 Lot C DP 390937 23 Cashmore Lane, EVANS HEAD  NSW  2473 Fibreglass pool 25/07/2017 Approved
DA2018/0001 Lot 10 DP 1132283 7 Heathwood Place, NORTH CASINO  NSW  2470 Room addition and patio 26/07/2017 Approved
DA2018/0002 Lot 110 DP 852590 19 Charles Avenue, CASINO  NSW  2470 Shed 11/08/2017 Approved
DA2017/0141.01 Lot 4 DP 867422 5 Tullarook Grove, SPRING GROVE  NSW  2470 Dwelling 26/07/2017 Approved
DA2018/0004 Lot 30 DP 1021682 2 Wallum Drive, DOONBAH  NSW  2473 Shed 2/08/2017 Approved
DA2018/0005 Lot 9 DP 225500 117 Dyraaba Street, CASINO  NSW  2470 Dwelling extensions 8/08/2017 Approved
DA2018/0007 Lot 1 DP 1218891 & Lot 4 DP 1218891 360 Fig Tree Lane, MCKEES HILL  NSW  2480 Swimming pool 2/08/2017 Approved
DA2010/0131.01 Lot 7 DP 1130509 9 Gregors Road, SPRING GROVE  NSW  2470 Dwelling & shed 15/08/2017 Approved
DA2018/0009 Road Reserve Crown Land Parcels, RICHMOND VALLEY AREA  NSW  2470 Public information sign promoting services and events in Coraki 15/08/2017 Approved
DA2017/0193.01 Lot 5 DP 1176405 25 Ironbark Place, NAUGHTONS GAP  NSW  2470 Dwelling and variation to Development Control Plan 2015 10/08/2017 Approved
DA2018/0010 Lot 9 Sec 4 DP 759110 & Lot 10 Sec 14 DP 759110 108-116 Richmond Street, WOODBURN  NSW  2472 Temporary change of use to office premises 10/08/2017 Approved
DA2018/0011 Lot 2 DP 240817 231 Sextonville Road, CASINO  NSW  2470 Carport 2/08/2017 Approved
DA2018/0012 Lot 5 Sec 5 DP 758869 14 Murray Street, RAPPVILLE  NSW  2469 Addition of accessible toilet and access path 21/08/2017 Approved
DA2018/0013 Lot 2 DP 836941 715 Woodburn Evans Head Road, EVANS HEAD  NSW  2473 New single dwelling 15/08/2017 Approved
DA2017/0178.01 Lot 3 DP 667031 & Lot 4 DP 2661 147 Centre Street, CASINO  NSW  2470 Change of use to vehicle repair station (caravan repairs station) and fencing 16/08/2017 Approved






































Written submissions

Written submissions in respect of any application, quoting DA number and location will be accepted by Council until 4.30pm on the date specified in the right-hand column. Any submissions received will be considered on their merits in conjunction with the assessment of the application.

You should be aware that any written submission received by Council will be kept on the relevant application file which might be inspected by third parties at any time. Council will accept no responsibility for defamatory or other similar matter included in submissions. Any such matter is included in the submission at the risk of the person making it. Objectors have a right to remain anonymous if they so choose. However, should an objector need to substantiate their objections, anonymous objections may be given less weight in the overall consideration of the application. Alternatively, objectors may include their name and/or address in their submission but request the General Manager under Section 739 of the Local Government Act to ensure that any such material to be made available for public inspection, be prepared so as to omit the person’s place of living. Please note this is only available if the person considers the disclosure would place that person or a member of the person’s family at risk and must be supported by a Statutory Declaration to that effect. In the great majority of cases, Council is obliged by the requirements of the Government Information (Public Access) Act of 2009 to allow access to its files in respect of development applications/construction certificates even when the matter is the subject of litigation.

Disclosure of political donations and gifts when lodging or commenting on development proposals

As of 1 October 2008, NSW Government legislation now requires the public disclosure of donations or gifts when lodging or commenting on development proposals. This regulation is designed to improve the transparency of the planning system. The law introduces disclosure requirements for individuals or entities with a relevant financial interest as part of the lodgement of:

  • various types of development proposals; or

  • requests to initiate environmental planning instruments or development control plans.

These disclosure requirements apply at the time of lodgement and during assessment of any planning applications to council or the NSW Government. Disclosure requirements also apply to individuals or entities lodging submissions in objection or support to the above types of proposals. A person is required to disclose any reportable political donations and gifts (if any) made by any person with a financial interest in the application within the period commencing two years before the application is lodged and ending when the application is determined. This includes:

  • all reportable political donations made to any local councillor of the council;

  • all gifts made to any local councillor or employee of that council;

  • a reportable political donation made to a local councillor or any local council includes any donation made at the time the person was a candidate for election to the council; and

  • a relevant public submission means a written submission made by a person objecting to or supporting a planning application or and any development that would be authorised by the granting of the application.

How and when to make a disclosure

If you are required to make a disclosure of a reportable political donation or gift under the EP&A Act, the disclosure is to be made:

  • In, or in a statement accompanying, the relevant planning application or submission if the donation or gift is made before the application or submission is made; or

  • If the donation or gift is made afterwards, in a statement of the person to whom the relevant planning application or submission was made within seven days after the donation or gift is made.

Note: reportable political donations include those of or above $1000. A gift includes a gift of money or the provision of any other valuable thing or service for no consideration or inadequate consideration.


A person is guilty of an offence under section 125 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 in connection with the obligations under section 147 only if the person fails to make a disclosure of a political donation or gift in accordance with section 147 that the person knows, or ought reasonably to know, was made and is required to be disclosed under section 147. The maximum penalty for any such offence is the maximum penalty under Part 6 of the Election Funding and Disclosures Act 1981 for making a false statement in a declaration of disclosures lodged under that Part. Note: The maximum penalty is currently 200 penalty units (currently $22,000) or imprisonment for 12 months, or both. For further information, refer to the Department of Planning Circular PS 08_009, which is accessible at

How to view the register of disclosures

Council maintains a register of reportable political donations and gifts when lodging or commenting on development proposals. Arrangements to view the register can be made by calling Council's Governance Officer on 6660 0300. Register of declarations for disclosure of political donations by Councillors is lodged with the Election Funding Authority and is available at

Should you have any further enquiries in this matter, please contact Council’s Development Assessment Group on 6660 0300.