Good governance is a key factor in the effective operation of Richmond Valley Council.

It is important for several reasons. It not only gives the local community confidence in its council, but improves the trust elected members and staff have in their own decision-making processes.

It also leads to better decisions and helps Council meet its legislative responsibilities.

Governance covers the planning, reporting and financial decisions made by Council. The governance cycle is referred to as Integrated Planning and Reporting and includes documents that arise from the Community Strategic Plan such as:

  • Privacy Awareness Month

    The month of May is a time to reflect on our privacy obligations. Privacy Awareness is an annual event which is an initiative of the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA). APPA is the principal forum for privacy authorities in the Asia Pacific Region to...

  • 2011 Census Data

    In June 2012 the Australian Bureau of Statistics released much of the 2011 Census data, providing a snapshot of the Richmond Valley's residents and their lifestyle. Further sections were released later in 2013. For further information about the Census...

  • Council Services & Funding

    Council Services Council funds the following in the Richmond Valley from general rates and other income: Infrastructure Community facilities Urban storm water drainage Swimming pools Urban and rural roads Sporting grounds / fields Bridges Parks and...

  • Financial Statements

    The below financial statements for each year are available to download. Please note: the Mid-Richmond Retirement Village facility was privatised in 2010.

  • Revenue Policies

    Richmond Valley Council is governed by the provisions of the Local Government Act 1993. Section 8 of the Local Government Act 1993 outlines Council’s charter and provides for Council to 'raise funds for local purposes by the fair imposition of...

  • Integrated Planning and Reporting

    2016-2017 Financial Year Delivery Program 2013-2017 (revised) & Operational Plan 2016-2017 adopted by Council 28 June 2016 Operational Plan 2016-2017 and Forward Financial Estimates adopted by Council 28 June 2016 Long Term Financial Plan 2016-2026...